Air Plant Fertilizer


Encourage your air plants and other epiphytes to thrive with this Air Plant Fertilizer (16-9-25). Formulated for tillandsias, this gentle spray can be used on any epiphytic plant, such as orchids and bromeliads. Simply spray the plant with this fine mist fertilizer to increase blooms, boost plant health, and provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

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Keep your air plants, bromeliads, and orchids flourishing with this Air Plant Fertilizer (16-9-25). Although the formula was created for tillandsias, this spray can be used on any epiphytic plant, such as your bromeliads and orchids. This foliar spray is gentle enough to apply directly on the plant with no mixing or measuring necessary. Southside Plants suggests giving your air plants a quick soak before spritzing, then allowing the plant to dry as normal. Spraying directly on the plants without soaking is acceptable too. We recommend feeding your plants one to two times a month during the active growing seasons of spring and summer. This foliar spray will keep your plants happy, increase blooms, and provide your plants with the nutrients they need to grow.

For fertilizing instructions for specific plant varieties, please refer to our Plant Care Guides.

About Southside Plants

Southside Plants is a small company founded by Meg Renninger in Fort Worth, Texas. Meg studied Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources, and she turned her love of plants and her previous problems with growing them into Southside Plants. Meg wanted to develop products and accessories that addressed some of her own problems she had experienced in the care and keeping of houseplants. This way, her products would be helping other plant parents propagate, grow, and maintain their own collections. We are excited and proud to carry Southside Plants’ Air Plant Fertilizer.


  • Ready-to-use fertilizer – 8 oz


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